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European Employment Observatory

In his capacity as UK expert on the European Employment Observatory (EEO), Kenneth Walsh has been reviewing the development of economic and labour market policy in response to the economic and financial crises in his regulary quarterly reports. He has also recently reviewed the UK government's National Reform Programme for 2011, which sets out proposals for tackling the key bottlenecks or obstacles to progress towards the aim of an employment rate of 75% by 2020. More information on the EEO is available at:

European Employment Strategy

Developing an employment strategy has been an integral part of the European Union for many years and in a recent report for the European Commission (DG Empl), Kenneth Walsh plotted the development of this policy from the first attemts at European economic collaboration in the early 1950s, through expansion of the European Community, to the benchmark 1997 employment strategy. The report is available at:

European Vacancy Monitor

The German based consultancy ICON-Institut has been leading a project for the European Commission (DG Empl) on developing a vacancy monitor that brings together compatible information on job vacancies and associated studies on the demand for labour. Kenneth Walsh of TERN has been working on the UK data from the Office for National Statictics and Jobcentre Plus (the public employment service). The first quarterly reports have been published and can be accessed via:   

Future skills needs in the food and drink sector

Kenneth Walsh recently led a study with HOST Policy Research on examining the future skills needs of food and drink manufacturing employers in Wales and Scotland. This involved interviews with a selection of key employers to determine their experiences during the recession and how they see their skills needs in the medium term. The food and drink sector is an important part of the UK economy and most parts of it emerged from the recession reasonably intact, and while there was little evidence of any significant skills shortages overall, some specific occupations (such as butchers) were facing a shortage of supply. More information on the sector is available at:

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