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What We Offer
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What TERN can offer?

TERN offers a full range of research and consultancy services with subject strengths indicated on the Areas of Subject Expertise and Research Methods web pages.

The key attributes of TERN can be summarised as follows:

  • Extensive subject knowledge and experience;
  • Flexibility/project customisation through networking;
  • Genuine independence;
  • Attention to quality control at all times;
  • Cost advantage in terms of low overheads;
  • Producing on time to agreed milestones.

A key feature in the operation of TERN is flexibility to tackle most types of research project at reasonable cost and without compromising quality.

TERN collaborates with a range of leading organisations including:

  • Institute for Employment Studies, United Kingdom 
  • HOST Policy Research, United Kingdom
  • GHK Consulting Ltd, United Kingdom
  • OESB Consulting GmbH, Austria 
  • ICON-Institut GmbH, Germany
  • ACT Consulting, France

Training & Employment Research Network (TERN)
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